Jungle Jim’s | Cincinnati, OH

This place was bananas. I’m just going to say that we found several things we’ve been looking for–for years–here. Such as:

  1. El Yucateco Hot Sauce Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero – A bright green habanero sauce that Joe has been looking for for as long as I’ve known him. At least six years. You should have seen his face when he found it–among the what must have been a million different varieties, like a hot sauce mecca–at Jungle Jim’s.
  2. Bleu de Causses – A super-delicious blue cheese we got for our Soup Party four years ago and have sought ever after at our local cheese shops (which are many and quite good here on the Main Line), but never found until now.
  3. Rose Red Straw Mushrooms – If you’ve been reading this blog, you will know that both Joe and I looked in eight–eight!–different grocery stores for straw mushrooms for that yummy Thai Hot and Sour Soup we made back in April 2013.

The rest is in the captions and the pictures hardly do the place justice. You really have to see it yourself, it’s worth the trip!

Jungle Jim’s International Market – Eastgate

4450 Eastgate South Drive | Cincinnati, OH 45245



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