Venison Spiedies

Venison Spiedie Wraps

The marinade used for this recipe is great on venison, chicken, pork, and steak. This is an easy grilling option for nights when you don’t want to dirty the kitchen. In our first pass at these delectable little bites, we wrapped them in a tortilla with Pickled Chilis and romaine lettuce. For our second pass, we used…


Marinade After Blending

Spiedie Marinade

This marinade is great on venison steaks–which we used in our Spiedie-style Grilled Venison Wraps–but is also delicious on chicken or pork. I highly recommend the use of a hand blender to make the marinade because a) it will distribute the seasonings more evenly throughout the marinade and b) a puréed marinade will coat the meat…