Sausage Pot Pie - Finished!

Sausage Pot Pie

Sara, why are you making pot pies in the middle of the summer? Well, I’d say that the surprise success of my first pot pie recipe (Spicy Mushroom Chicken Pot Pie)¬†back in May–when it was still sensibly chilly–got me inordinately excited about savory pies. They are so easy! Especially with a forgiving pie dough like…


Italian Sausages with Parmesan Polenta

Italian Sausages with Parmesan Polenta

The best thing about this recipe is that you can customize it in dozens of ways with different sausages, cheeses, and fresh herbs. We especially like it with mushrooms and spinach. Once you have this recipe in your arsenal, you can class it up or play it down, for an easy dinner win any night…