Feast of the Seven Fishes – The Plan

This post is really more for me than you. It gathers together the recipes we will work from for dinner tomorrow, minus one or two more fish dishes that our friends are bringing/making. What I think will happen is that everyone cooking can have this post up on their phones so they can see the recipes for themselves while they work. This will also (I hope) completely replace the soggy, food-stained paper recipe and to do lists I usually carry around (and, frequent, misplace) on such occasions. We’ll have 3-4 cooks and we’re cooking for 5-6 people; all of these recipes will be served family style.

Wish us luck!

The (Planned) Menu

Shrimp Cocktail

Baccala Mantecato (Creamy Whipped Salt Cod) on Crostini

Another Fish Appetizer – TBD

Capesante al Forno (Baked Scallops)

Stuffed Calamari 

Something with Clams – TBD

Some Kind of Fish – TBD



  • Recipe from the recipe book in the box

Pear & Amaretto Almond Crisp

  • Adapted from a recipe in a book (whose publishers don’t like being mentioned in blog posts)

The To-Do List from Now until Tomorrow

  1. Wash Finnegan (the dog) – DONE
  2. Find a pear recipe – DONE
  3. Find and clean platters, plates, glasses, silver – HALF-DONE
  4. Clean the house, do laundry, dust, etc.
  5. Make Pizzelles
  6. Get out tablecloths, napkins, etc.
  7. Make the Pear & Amaretto Almond Crisp
  8. Pick up bread and fishes, and any last-minute items
  9. Pick up scotch
  10. Set up
  11. Cook like crazy
  12. Eat, drink, and be merry!

Some Additional Reading for Procrastinators


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