Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon – So Easy and Delicious

These are the basic, everyday Brussels sprouts cooked at this house. They are easy and just frickin’ delicious. This is the kind of food that gives you a craving. Like, “When was the last time we had Brussels sprouts? Last week? Let’s get some.” The key is par-boiling the sprouts before sautéing them in the bacon fat.…


Brussels Sprouts au Gratin

Brussels Sprouts au Gratin

We’re regularly experimenting with the best way to cook brussels sprouts. These adorable green bulbs find their way into our shopping cart at least two to three times per month. We’ve been stuck in a rut of simply blanching then sautéing our sprouts with bacon. With this recipe, I was going for a softer sprout, but still…