An Ode to Unwritten Recipes 2013

There are a lot of reasons not to write about what you’ve cooked, but it is a little sad to see all the photos of food made that will never get a day in the sun. So, here, I’ve collected are many of my 2013 recipe “fails,” or those simply not quite good enough yet to post. I have captioned the photos to the best that my memory serves. Versions of many of these dishes will likely appear in future posts as I refine and finish the recipes.

I’d like to thank my family and the many friends who shared meals with me this year, and patiently waited while I photographed everything. You’re the best.

I know it’s fun for me to look back over these. I hope it is for you too, or at least it’s not totally boring.

Here’s to more, better recipes in 2014! Thanks for reading.



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