Italian Zucchini Boats

Italian Zucchini Boats

These yummy boats are a pretty and easy veggie-centric way to use up an excess of zucchini in late summer. They are super flavorful and light, but filling. My Slow Chunky Tomato Sauce has ground beef in it, but these would also be excellent filled with sauce made with un-cased and cooked hot or sweet…


Slow Chunky Tomato Sauce - Chef's Tasting

Slow Chunky Tomato Sauce

Tonight I am making Lasagna Rolls and for those I need tomato sauce. It’s a cool, rainy summer day and I have piles of fresh basil in the garden–a perfect day to let some sauce simmer! This is my recipe for a basic slow-cooked, chunky ground beef tomato sauce. There is nothing really fancy about…