Slow Chunky Tomato Sauce - Chef's Tasting

Slow Chunky Tomato Sauce

Tonight I am making Lasagna Rolls and for those I need tomato sauce. It’s a cool, rainy summer day and I have piles of fresh basil in the garden–a perfect day to let some sauce simmer! This is my recipe for a basic slow-cooked, chunky ground beef tomato sauce. There is nothing really fancy about…


Quick Pickled Chilis

Quick Pickled Chilis

As of this afternoon, my husband and I have visited eight–eight!–different grocery stores looking for–but not finding–pickled chilies for the Thai Hot and Sour Soup that we planned to make this week. The recipe, from The Culinary Institute’s The New Book of Soups, calls for 1/2 a pickled chili and we are not about to go…