I’m excited to share my virtual recipe box with you! I’ll be posting my food-related adventures here and, as soup season approaches, I’ll be posting a lot about soup. As my friends and family know well, as soon as the weather starts to cool, I get a little soup crazy. Every February, I host What a Crock Philadelphia, an annual soup cookery competition, so I’m always on the prowl for new soups and techniques. We just celebrated our 10th year and there is still so much soup to make and eat and judge!

I won’t post any recipes “fails,” but I will be winging some of these recipes based on what’s in season or in the fridge or who’s coming over for an impromptu dinner party or whatever. For the record: If I use or adapt someone else’s recipe, I will cite my sources.

I hope you will leave a comment if you enjoy my writing or recipes. Please feel free to Contact Me if you would like to invite me to your restaurant to check out your soup or let me try out your soup-related product or offer me a book deal.



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