Bar Lucca | Conshohocken, PA

We recently went out to dinner with two friends who recommended Bar Lucca in Conshohocken, PA. Overall a terrific night out, great food. The service is tapas style so the food comes out as it is finished, so there might be a traffic jam on the table, but if you are a group that likes to share, it’s perfect. Bonus: they were very accommodating and even split the Purple Potato Soup into four mini servings so we could all taste it–our own special amuse bouche! Their brick oven pizzas are especially excellent, the dried herbs and chili oil a nice touch; great fresh pastas; and I always love a restaurant with rabbit and bone marrow on the menu. Recommended.

Bar Lucca

729 East Hector Street, Conshohocken, PA 19428 | (610) 825-2700

What we ate:

Prosciutto – Brick Oven Pizza (served with chili oil and dried herbs)
ricotta, prosciutto di parma, bitto, fresh mozzarella

Purple Potato Soup

bacon lardons, pecorino fresco, calabrian chilies

wild boar ragu, grana padano

Braised Rabbit
parsnip puree, roasted tomato, balsamic

A bone marrow thing…

Duck with farro…

Bronzino Fillet
mediterranean fregola, olives, capers, roasted tomato

Nutella Doughnuts & coffees all around



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