Summer Grilling Party

For this great late summer grilling menu, we travelled to Maple Acres Farm and the Lancaster County Farmers Market for all the veggies. We got this gorgeous whole snapper Bywood Seafood Market in Garrett Hill, PA. It’s a treat to have such a great little seafood shop within walking distance. We’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with their seafood and they are very knowledgeable about how to cook every kind of fish they sell. The venison steaks came from my husband’s uncle.

Let me just say: This is a challenging menu, but it was really good. It would save a lot of time to roast the tomatoes and onions, grill the corn, and prepare the red peppers in advance. And, you could certainly make the soup shooters the day before since they need to chill anyway.

(I hope to eventually post recipes for all my menus, but–whew!–writing recipes takes forever, so for now I’ll just post the menu and pics. Enjoy!)

Summer Grilling Party Menu

BLT Soup Shooters 

green leaf lettuce, chicken stock, bread, roasted Roma tomatoes, and bacon

Mom’s Roasted Red Peppers 

roasted red bell peppers, garlic, olive oil, and basil

Balsamic Glazed Venison Rolls 

venison tenderloin stuffed with roasted Roma tomatoes, cipolline onions, and zucchini, grilled to perfection and glazed with balsamic vinegar reduction

Grilled Corn Relish 

a spicy side of grilled corn, onions, and peppers in a light vinaigrette 

Whole Snapper

a gorgeous whole snapper stuffed with lemons and shallots and grilled

Apple Cake 

a caramel apple cake à la mode



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